Ethical Questions

1. The attending surgeon cut a nerve during surgery and repairs it. The attending says “Leave that out of your op note.” What do you do?

2. In the OR: Attending seems “off.” You have a suspicion that he was drinking and the surgery starts in 15 minutes. What do you do?

3. You’re in the ED. Patient with a retained foreign body and they are septic. You call the attending, they say, “I’m busy. Do I need to come?” How do you respond?

4. You forgot to order medications, but the patient is still okay. Should you tell the patient you forgot?

5. What is your stance on euthanasia? Should a patient have a right to die?

6. You observe a peer medical student cheating. What would you do?

7. Should physician-assisted suicide be allowed in some cases? if no, why? if yes, give example.

8. Could you become involved in a romantic relationship with a patient?

9. Is it ever acceptable to break patient privacy if the patient is harming other?

10. How would you tell a patient who was just diagnosed with cancer that he/she has a few weeks to live?

11. How would you express your concern for a child who needs an amputation?

12. Should it be legal for rich people to buy organs for transplant, although they are not on the national database waiting list?

13. What is your stance on receiving gifts, foods, and perks from reps and/or pharmaceutical companies? Do they influence your medical judgement?

14. A 10-year-old child is in for foot examination. You have evidence that the child has been physically and sexually abused, and their parent stepped out to take a phone call. How would you respond to this situation