PrePodLife Leadership

Interested in applying? Are you a current 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th year medical student or podiatry resident? Check out our application for the next cycle at the link below!

Leadership 2019 – 2020

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Leadership 2018 – 2019

Chief Editor of Hallux Magazine: Rafay, TUSPM 2020
Chief Editor of PrePodLife: Paul, CSPM 2021
Chief Editor of PrePodClinic101: Tim, SCPM 2022
Chief Editor of PrePodStudy: Yuna, KUCPM 2020
Promotions Manager: Zara, DMUPM 2020
Media Manager: Greg, KUCPM 2021
Senior Editor: Sam, NYCPM 2019
Senior Editor: Lizz, BUSPM 2019
Senior Editor: Christine, TUSPM 2019
Editor: Cindy, TUSPM 2021
Editor: Mariam, CSPM 2021
Editor: Chirag, TUSPM 2021
Editor: Josephine, KSUCPM 2021
Editor: Nadav, BUSPM 2020
Editor: Josh, TUSPM 2020