How To Prepare

What Did You Use To Study?

by Yuna Fara

Preparing For Interviews

by Rafay Qureshi


by Samantha Zdanowicz

shadowing prior to externships

by Alex Brown

residency from the other side of the table

by Eric Swenson

preparing for intern year: What i wish i had done

by Elizabeth Ansert


What to expect?
  • Expect to be tired if you have a lot of interviews back to back
  • Expect to be frazzled and be emotionally ready to put a bad experience behind you (if it happens)
What to pack/buy
  • 2-3 different outfits (1 outfit for every day you’re there) – business dress
    • Men – Suit/dress pants, dress shirts, ties
    • Women – suit/dress pants, appropriate dress shirts, dresses, appropriate length skirts
    • Socks that appropriately match your clothes
  • Make sure clothes are ironed out
  • Bring spares of clothes in anticipation of any accidents
  • Maybe bring a Tide pen?
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste
How to prepare
  • Suggestion: don’t do anything experimental before you travel & meet with your programs (i.e. don’t decide to try the fish that’s been sitting in your freezer for the last 8 months – wait until after you get back)
  • If you have any potential red flags on your transcript (i.e. class failures, poor grades, etc.),
    1. prepare a brief but encompassing statement that adequately represents what happened,
    2. explain your growth from said situation, and
    3. explain how you do what you can to make sure there are no repeats
  • Remember, stay professional & take responsibility appropriately – this isn’t gossip hour