How To Prepare


What to expect

      • Expect to be tired if you have a lot of interviews back to back
      • Expect to be frazzled and be emotionally ready to put a bad experience behind you (if it happens)


What to pack/buy

        • 2-3 different outfits (1 outfit for every day you’re there) – business dress
          • Men – Suit/dress pants, dress shirts, ties
          • Women – suit/dress pants, appropriate dress shirts, dresses, appropriate length skirts
          • Socks that appropriately match your clothes
          • Make sure clothes are ironed out
          • Bring spares of clothes in anticipation of any accidents
            • Maybe bring a Tide pen?
          • Toothbrush, toothpaste


How to prepare

        • Suggestion: don’t do anything experimental before you travel & meet with your programs (i.e. don’t decide to try the fish that’s been sitting in your freezer for the last 8 months – wait until after you get back)
        • If you have any potential red flags on your transcript (i.e. class failures, poor grades, etc.),
          • 1) prepare a brief but encompassing statement that adequately represents what happened,
          • 2) explain your growth from said situation, and
          • 3) explain how you do what you can to make sure there are no repeats
          • Remember, stay professional & take responsibility appropriately – this isn’t gossip hour
        • Materials to review – Crozer, PRISM, PocketPod, etc.