Question Bank #4


1.Deltoid Ligaments
  1. Tibionavicular ligament
  2. Calcaneal tibial ligament
  3. Superficial posterior talotibial ligament
  4. Deep posterior talotibial ligament
  5. Anterior talotibial ligament
2.What are the 6 P’s of Compartment syndrome?
  1. • Pain out of Proportion (hallux dorsiflexion)
  2. • Paralyses
  3. • Pallor
  4. • Pokilothermia
  5. • Paresthesia
  6. • Pulselessness
3.When do you fix the Deltoid ligament? ONLY fix Deltoid ligament if cannot resolve medial clear space (normal <4mm)
4.Name the Esess-Loperssi Classification?

Joint depression and tongue type

5.How do you fix a calcaneal fracture? • Height, Width, Varus
• Sustentaculum Tali
• Articular surface
• Lateral wall blow out
6.What other xray do you get with a calcaneal fracture? Lumbar Xray to see lumbar fracture L1-L2
7.What is the AO principles?
  1. autromatic technique
  2. anatomical reduction
  3. Stable rigid fixation
  4. early ROM
8.What are the types of plated? • Neutral,
• anti-glide,
• tension band,
• bridge plate,
• locking plate
9.What would you start on for DVT? Heparin 5,000 units Subcutaneous q8-12 hrs
10.What is the theories of Charcot? Neurotraumatic vs Neurovascular
11.What is RANKL? Osteoclast activity, inflammation factor seen in Charcot
12.Eichenholts Classification • I- fragmented
• II- coalescence
• III- consolidation
13.What is normal HgA1c? <5.7%
14. What can cause Charcot foot? Alcoholism, tabes dorsalis, peripheral neuropathy, diabetes
15. Incidence of Charcot?

10-12% from diabetics develop charcot foot

16.Definitin of diabetic if HgA1c? • < 5.7 = normal
• 5.7- 6.4 = prediabetic
• 6.5< = diabetic
17.What are you measuring in HgA1c? It tells us we have saturated amount of glucose in average 3 months, that is the life span of RBC



18.What is Gout? arthritis caused by excess uric acid in the bloodstream
19.What are normal Uric Acid levels 6.9
20.Common group that gets Gout? >50 yer old male (most common) that ate high cholesterol, high fat, or high protein food (i.e. shrimp, beer.)
21.What is Colchicine mechanism of action? • Inhibit uric acid crystals
• Start 1.2mg first hour -> 0.6mg daily
22.Why don’t you give aspirin to a gout patient? can cause retention of uric acid